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    • Less paperwork

      Hippo makes financing for healthcare professionals stress-free with a quick application process.

    • Quick approval

      Just answer some basic questions to get started. When your full application is submitted and approved, you can get funding in as quick as a week.

    • More flexibility

      While a traditional bank might not understand the personal needs of physicians, nurses, dentists, or veterinarians, our business model is geared to help healthcare providers succeed.

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    “The process was amazingly quick and simple and nothing like dealing with your local bank!

    Hippo requires less upfront information and personal time, so the application process took less than 20 minutes and I received my loan within 10 days. Hippo Lending is more than just a lender. They are a trusted business partner.”

    —Randy B., Medical Director

    Richmond, VA

    “I am impressed with you and your correspondence and what your company stands for from a values perspective. You have been very professional, responsible, and upfront in what we should expect.

    We know you are a different kind of lending institution that takes many aspects into consideration compared to traditional banks or lenders. I truly want to thank you and your team for all your efforts.”

    —Latha A., Gastroenterologist

    Trumbull, CT

    “THANK YOU! This was by far the easiest process I’ve been through, and I can’t speak highly enough about the professionalism I experienced throughout.

    We are very excited about the future and now are one large step closer. I will always keep you in mind and be happy to recommend Hippo Lending to all my colleagues.”

    —Michael T., Dentist

    Ponte Verde, FL

    “Thank you for making the process run smoothly. You were great to work with and were very patient with me. Thank you so much for your help!”

    —Jordan H., Physician Assistant

    Ammon, ID

    Fast financing to help with acquisition, new equipment, and more

    A loan from Hippo is one of the best ways you can make the most of your hard work, whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, an optometrist, a veterinarian, or another type of healthcare professional seeking lending.

    Depending on your needs, you can access your funds in as little as one week after you apply. Plus, we offer competitive rates on all of our healthcare professional loans.

    • Commercial loans

      Loan Amounts

      $15,000 – $350,000

    • Flexible terms

      Flexible Terms

      3 to 10 years

    • Low fixed monthly payments

      Low, fixed monthly payments

      Plus competitive rates

    Expand your healthcare practice

    Expand your healthcare practice

    Looking to grow your healthcare practice? We can provide stress-free, personal financing that allows you to increase staff, take on more patients, or invest in marketing.

    Improve practice cash flow

    Improve practice working capital

    Cash flow is vital for any healthcare practice. We can help get your business through periods of cash flow interruption.

    Funding a Medical Practice

    Purchase new medical equipment

    If you need to upgrade your equipment or purchase new technology, we can help you cover the cost without putting a strain on your finances.

    Consolidate medical debt

    Consolidate debt

    Consolidate your loans, credit cards, and other business or bank debt to simplify your finances and save time and money.

    Veterinarian Equipment

    Buy a personal stake in an existing practice

    We offer fast approval on financing to give you the funds you need to join a practice.

    Start a new healthcare business

    Start a new healthcare business

    When you’re starting your own medical practice, we can help turn your vision into a reality with our fast and easy approval process.

    Discover how much financing you can personally qualify for with Hippo Lending

    The stress-free way to get the loan you need

    Discover how much financing you can personally qualify for with Hippo Lending. If you need a loan to purchase new medical equipment, digitize patient records, or for debt consolidation, Hippo Lending can help.

    You’ll get competitive rates from a lender that’s not a bank. We’re a commercial lender focused solely on serving healthcare professionals. Because of our special healthcare focus, we understand that financing might not be easy for a medical professional due to the costs of medical school, specialty equipment or other factors.

    So, we created a platform for you to quickly and easily access capital with terms and rates that are transparent and simple to understand.

    It's simple and easy to get your personal estimated monthly payment.

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